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The Globe and Mail and The Star: CDM congratulates Ontario for proposed ban on paid-plasma

March 14, 2014

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Ontario announced its plan to introduce legislation banning private, for-profit plasma clinics from operating in Ontario. Canadian Plasma Resources, the company interested in paying donors for their plasma and selling it for profit, had already established three facilities -- two in Toronto and one in Hamilton -- ahead of Health Canada's approval.

Alongside other health organizations, CDM voiced its concerns in various media outlets when the company's plans were discovered early last year, asking the federal and provincial governments to remember the tainted blood scandal of the 1980s, when close to 2000 Canadians were infected with HIV and thousands more with hepatitus C. That scandal resulted from an American company putting profit before safety and collecting blood from high risk populations, with a lack of transparency and oversight allowing the blood into the Canadian system.

As the articles indicate, CDM made it clear that safety, not corporate interest, should be a first priority.

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