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CMA President-Elect Elections 2018

From February 15 to March 7, 2018, CMA members in Ontario will be voting to select the next president-elect of the CMA.

Members eligible to vote will have received an email with instructions on how to vote as well as a unique voting PIN. This email will come from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so be sure to check both your inbox and your spam folder if you haven't seen it. The election will use a ranked ballot. 

With the push for universal pharmacare stronger than ever, the Cambie trial resuming shortly in BC, and a federal election in 2019, we need strong progressive leadership at the CMA.

In order to learn more about the candidates, Canadian Doctors For Medicare distributed a survey to all the candidates. Click here to read their responses in full, unedited. 

Ready to vote? Click here.