Dr. Michael Klein & the Cambie Trial

Meet Dr. Michael Klein, one of Canadian Doctors for Medicare's board members from British Columbia. Michael spoke with Kirk Lapointe on Roundhouse Radio 98.5 FM Vancouver on August 29 about the Cambie trial and the fight to keep Canada's health care system public.

Michael is a family physician, paediatrician, professor and researcher. Born in the US, he fled his home country and came to Canada in 1967 with his wife Bonnie. Their first order of business? Establishing a free medical clinic in East End Montreal.

Michael has practiced medicine in the US and in Canada before and after we introduced a single-payer, public health care system. He brings unique insight into what it is like to practice medicine on both sides of the Canada/US border and understands what is at stake when for-profit health care advocates threaten our system. 

Michael is very well-respected in his field. In fact, in June 2016, the Governor General named Dr. Klein as a recipient of the Order of Canada for his contributions to medicine. 

We are proud to that Dr. Klein is one of our health care defenders.