BC docs reject for-profit health care proponent in election


BC physicians reject for-profit health care proponent in election

VANCOUVER, JUNE 19, 2015 – Doctors of BC members rejected for-profit health care proponent Dr. Brian Day in their election today. Dr. Day, who is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the BC government, was beaten by Dr. Alan Ruddiman, a rural physician with a history of leadership with the Doctors of BC. This run-off election was triggered by a tie vote in a previous round of voting  last month.

With over 50% of eligible voters casting 5,527 ballots, Ruddiman won the post with 55.5% of the vote. Ruddiman’s clear victory reaffirms that the majority of physicians in British Columbia reject Day’s for-profit mandate, and remain committed to protecting and improving the quality, accessibility, and sustainability of the universal health care system.

“Dr. Ruddiman’s victory is a victory for all of Canada,” said Canadian Doctors for Medicare chair, Dr. Monika Dutt. “Dr. Ruddiman ran on a platform of collaboration, innovation, and commitment to improving our universal, publicly-funded health care system. We are thrilled, but not surprised, that this platform resonated with practicing physicians.”

Dr. Day is the co-owner of the Cambie Surgery Centre, a for-profit clinic in Vancouver. In 2012, a provincial audit of Dr. Day’s clinics revealed $491,654 of extra billing in a 30 day period.


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