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BC Doctors Divided on Day Presidency


BC Doctors divided on Day presidency

VANCOUVER, MAY 26, 2015 BC doctors split evenly today on the candidacy of controversial medical figure Brian Day today. Day, who is in a high profile court battle with the government of BC edged out his closest rival by a single vote today, garnering 44% of the votes cast, and support from less than 10% of the BC physicians eligible to vote.

s razor thin victory highlights the clear divide in BCs physician community between those that supported Day, long-time advocate for two-tier care, and those seeking ways to protect and improve quality, accessibility, and sustainability of healthcare within a universal system.

Dr. Days narrow victory demonstrates how divided the physician community in BC currently is,said Canadian Doctors for Medicare chair, Dr. Monika Dutt. What this election has shown is that while Dr. Day may assume the presidency of Doctors of BC, he certainly will not speak for all of the physicians in the province, many of whom rejected his pro-profit mandate.

Dr. Day is the co-owner of the Cambie Surgery Centre, a for-profit clinic which is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the BC government. In 2012, a provincial audit of Dr. Days clinics revealed $491,654 of extra billing in a 30 day period.


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