CDM calls on Feds to go back to the Health Accord Table

Doctors reaffirm nationwide demand for renewed Health Accord negotiations

Today doctors across Canada expressed concern over the breakdown in Health Accord negations and called for a return to the table by all parties. Many cited fears about the future of our health care system if the process degrades into a mix of bilateral negotiations with different funding models and plans for each province.

“The Health Accord is there to set national standards and ensure we all have health care we can rely on from coast to coast to coast,” said Dr. Robert Woollard, Vice-Chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare. “A fragmented system made up of side deals can’t achieve that goal."

Doctors noted that a fragmented system offers worse care and fewer opportunities to capitalize on innovations. “A national strategy for seniors care addresses a massive demographic wave across Canada, a national pharmacare program consolidates the purchasing power of the entire country, and a national mental health plan draws on the best models across the country. These things can transform health care,” added Dr. Woollard. “A patchwork of provincial plans won’t produce the same comprehensive care and won’t produce the same benefits for patients.”

Canadian Doctors for Medicare joined other health care leaders, as well as Premiers from ten provinces and territories, in calling for a return to the bargaining table and a renewed effort to protect Canada’s national health care system.

Canadian Doctors for Medicare is a national, membership-based organization that provides a voice for Canadian doctors who want to strengthen and improve Canada's universal health care system in a way that benefits all Canadians.

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