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CDM commends Ontario government's passing of Bill 21

The following letter was sent to Hon Eric Hoskins following the passing of Bill 21 which bans paid blood donations in Ontario. 

Dear Minister Hoskins,


As health professionals and supporters of a strong public health care system, we are writing to commend you on the passing of Bill 21, Safeguarding Health Care Integrity Act, this month.


Following the establishment of Canadian Plasma Resources clinics in Toronto and Hamilton, Canadian Doctors for Medicare was one of several health care organizations that urged then Health Minister Deb Matthews to put an end to CPR’s pay-for-plasma program. We are relieved to see that addressing this issue remained a priority for the Wynne government, and your office, following the provincial election. Thank you for ensuring that the Ontario government took a principled stance on the issue of paid blood collection.


Ontario has sent a clear message not only to CPR but to the rest of Canada about paid blood donations. Moving forward, when considering new health care systems and models, we hope Ontario will continue to make decisions that are both evidence-based and values driven to affirm that new programs enhance the equity, accessibility, and sustainability of our health care system.


In closing, I would like to thank you on behalf of Canadian Doctors for Medicare for the leadership and vision you have demonstrated in the passing of Bill 21.




Dr. Monika Dutt, Canadian Doctors for Medicare