Game On! Cdn premiers & the building blocks of health care


Game On! Canadian premiers try to manage the building block of health care

WHITEHORSE, YT (July 21, 2016) – During their annual national meeting, premiers from Canadian provinces took time out from their meetings to play a little “Health Accord Jenga” today, moving around pieces representing elements of Canadian Health Care, and watching to see which move might topple our system.

Canadian Doctors for Medicare (CDM) asked attendees at the Council of the Federation meeting to try their hand at rearranging the fundamental building blocks of Canada’s much loved universal health care system.

In a cheeky display, CDM built a large block tower, similar to the game Jenga. Each block was labelled with an important element for maintaining a strong health care system such as nurses, accessibility, pharmacare and public funding.

Players -- who included Premiers Kathleen Wynne (Ontario), Premier Brian Pallister (Manitoba) Mark Hancock, the national President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees and Linda Silas, President of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions -- were asked to consider what parts of Medicare can be taken away and remove blocks from the tower, one at a time.

It was a bit of a trick question: the more you remove from Canada’s universal health care system, the less stable it becomes.

“Canadian Doctors for Medicare is asking the premiers to bring their A-game when negotiating a new health accord, and ensure a stable system with all the pieces Canadians need,” said Sean Meagher, Executive Director of Canadian Doctors for Medicare. “Canadian Doctors for Medicare is asking the premiers to include pharmacare, and protection of the Canada Hleath Act as the priorities in negotiations.”

Canadian Doctors for Medicare provides a voice for Canadian doctors who want to strengthen and improve Canada's universal publicly-funded health care system. We advocate for innovations in treatment and prevention services that are evidence-based and improve access, quality, equity and sustainability.

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