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Northwestern Ontario Municipal Assoc calls for pharmacare


TORONTO, APRIL 24 – Calls for a national pharmacare strategy for Canada continue to grow as the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association passed a resolution calling for a national pharmacare strategy this week. Canadian Doctors for Medicare applauds NOMA’s resolution, which was passed at their Annual General Meeting. This resolution marks another important milestone in the national pharmacare campaign.

“Increasingly, Canadians are recognizing the potential benefits of a national pharmacare strategy,” said CDM Chair, Dr. Monika Dutt. “This isn’t only a seniors’ health issue; accessing necessary medications is everyone’s health issue.”

In addition to improving health outcomes for Canadians, pharmacare would help curtail rising drug costs and reduce the associated financial strain for employers. “Municipalities employ thousands of people across Canada. Supplementary health insurance for these employees is a growing cost for municipalities,” said Dr. Dutt. “We believe a national pharmacare strategy is an achievable way for the federal government to reduce the financial burden for municipalities.”

The NOMA resolution follows a resolution adopted by the Marathon Municipal Council, which was introduced by CDM supporters Dr. Sarah Newbery and Dr. Eliseo Orrantia earlier this month. Based on the resolution presented by Dr. Newbery and Dr. Orrantia, CDM has created resources to support other physicians and advocates to bring motions to their municipal councils. “We see the adoption of pro-pharmacare resolutions by municipal councils as yet another indication of the strong support for a national pharmacare strategy across Canada,” said Dr. Dutt.


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